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Anela Kai Marine offers a wide array of services to meet your boating needs. We offer boat and trailer repair/fabrication work, roadside/dockside assistance, boat charters, vessel maintenance & stewardship, etc. We are also the Regional Distributors for a new line of eco-friendly marine-grade paints - Engineered Marine Coatings (EMC^2) throughout the Pacific.

Capt. John "LJ" Benson has 48 yrs of maritime experience under his belt. Starting as a young surfer, paddler, and beach cat sailor off of Waikiki, Capt. LJ brings a wealth of knowledge into the marine repair and fabrication shop, as well as decades of mentoring and teaching a wide range of crew and students who have all gone on to obtain their USCG Captain's License, specializing in power vessels, tugs, cargo ships, etc.

Capt. John "LJ" Benson - Founder

About Us

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