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Boat & Trailer Repair/Fabrication

Trailer Fabrication II
Axles & Hubs
Trailer Planks & Carpeting
Pau Hana Sesh
Applying Non-skid to Foredeck
Laminated Wa'a Restoration
AKMS Warehouse

Quote AppointmentsPlease contact us via phone at (808) 239-BOAT (2628) or email us at to set-up a quote appointment so that we may assess your vessel/trailer, or meet to determine your specific needs for any vessel/trailer fabrication.


*Note: Please keep in mind that all fabrication & repair quotes consist of material, labor, and shop fees. And, just as any other repair business, please anticipate some possible additional fees due to unforeseen issues that may arise as we proceed with the repair (e.g. dry rot or a spongy deck while trying to install a chair, posing structural issues, which will need to be fixed to ensure your safety. ) If there are any issues that arise, we assure you that we will contact you before proceeding, to determine whether or not you would like us to follow through. Transparency and clear communication are integral aspects to our 'ohana oriented business.


Trailer Fabrication & Repair - We can customer design a trailer tailored to meet the exact specifications of your vessel. We can also replace rusted parts of the tongue & frame, old planks, carpeting, the axles and bearings, hubcaps, fender wells, lights, jack stand, towing hitch, etc. We can also outfit your trailers to ensure they'll be up to specs for an inspection. 

Vessel Repairs - We offer a plethora of services to repair any and all aspects of your boat.

These services entail:

  • Fiberglass 

  • Woodwork

  • Marine Plumbing

  • Electrical Work

  • Metal Work/Welding

  • Detailing/Painting/Refinishing

Wa'a (Canoe) FabricationWe can customer build wa'a kaukahi or kaulua to meet your paddling or sailing needs, ranging from casual to competitive...

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