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Quantum99 is a two-component acrylic-polyester hybrid polyurethane topcoat tailored for heavy duty and decorative marine environments.


This high solids topcoat provides superior protection and beauty to watercraft requiring maximum gloss, excellent chemical and weather resistance, excellent repairability, superior durability, and unequaled gloss clarity (DOI).


Quantum99 is the featured topcoat for EMC’s Quantum High Solids Repairable Marine Finish System and is available in standard marine and custom colors. (*Note: Not for use below the waterline.) 


• Ultra-high gloss and gloss clarity (DOI)

• Superior durability and abrasion resistance

• Acrylic-polyester hybrid combines aerospace toughness with automotive repairability.

• Longest in-service life

• Proprietary Flow Control Package improves flow, gloss, and gloss clarity

• 2x Solids = 2x coverage as leading brands

• High solids = fewer coats and VOC compliance

• Easy to mix/apply and excellent repairability

• Can be polished after application to remove dust, bugs, and imperfections

• Apply by spray, brush or roller

• Mix ratio: brush 2:1; spray 1:1


Quantum99 Polyurethane Topcoat Base

The core of the Quantum high solids repairable topcoat system, Quantum 99 is a revelation. DIYers & pros alike can achieve professional results by brush, roller, or spray. Quantum 99 finishes have unmatched durability and gloss, plus superior stain and weather resistance. Unlike other topside systems, Quantum 99 finishes can be repaired by wet sanding and buffing.


  • Twice the solids means a gallon goes twice as far
  • Shorter cure times
  • Lasts 3 times longer than comparable paints


Quantum99 Clear Coat

Apply Quantum 99 Clear Coat over topcoats for an extra layer of gloss and protection. Part of the Quantum high solids repairable topside system, Quantum 99 Clear Coat uses the same activators, accelerators, additives, and reducers as Quantum topcoats and Quantum UV varnish.


  • Clear Coat has the same properties as the Topcoat base
  • See the Quantum product guide for additional details
  • Available in quart and gallon sizes

Quart - Quantum99 Polyurethane Top Coat (Pg. 2 Color Chart Colors

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