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Quantum UV Varnish

Quantum UV Clear Urethane Varnish’s self-sealing formula and rich, amber color gives brightwork a level, mirror-like finish with no lap lines or brush marks without thinning, in fewer coats, and with little or no sanding in between coats.


This high build, high solids finish fills the grain in three to four coats, letting you easily achieve what used to take twice as many coats: a glassy, flexible finish that’s highly resistant to weather, chemicals, and abrasion. Its unique properties create durable chemical bond that pushes water out of the wood.

  • To apply by spray, mix with Quantum Urethane Spray Activator​

  • To apply by brush or roller, mix with Quantum Urethane Brushing Activator (sold separately)​

  • Available in satin and gloss finishes in quart and gallon sizes

QuantumUV is a self-sealing clear urethane varnish finish system specially formulated for marine brightwork. It contains an Ultra Violet Package to maximize the service life before reapplication is required, making this an exceptional varnish. This two-pack acrylic-polyester hybrid urethane provides superior protection to all timber substrates. By chemically bonding to the wood on a molecular level, this low VOC, easy-to-apply coating provides a flexible yet long-lasting finish in even the harshest marine environments. This high solids, high build varnish is available in satin and high gloss and can be applied via spray or brush application. For interior or exterior use above the water line only.

• A long lasting, highly abrasion resistant hybrid polyurethane Varnish

• Contains a UV package consisting of three layers of protection for superior weather resistance

• Ultra Violet Absorber = reduces damaging UV rays from sun like a high-rated sunscreen

• HALS light stabilizer = secondary protection in the film to capture additional UV light.

• Antioxidant = dissipates heat from the sun which attacks the varnish film

• Superior weatherability (2-year warranty when using full system)

• High solids, high build delivers fewer coats

• Aerospace grade flexibility and chemical resistance

• Easy to apply by spray or brush application

• Mix ratio: brush 2:1; spray 1:1

• Available in gloss and satin

Is QuantumUV any better than other varnishes on the market today? The answer to that question is unequivocally yes! First, the “backbone” of the QuantumUV varnish is the same two-part polyurethane coating as the Quantum99 Topcoat. The QuantumUV varnish is based on the same resin structure that meets the high standard of the latest BMS 10-125 aerospace specification. EMC2 uses hybrid polymers that combine the best attributes of polyester polyurethane with the best attributes of acrylic polyurethanes. This makes QuantumUV abrasion resistant, while being flexible enough to move with the boat as it glides through the water. It also makes the product easy to apply by brush or by spray. Further, to block the damaging UV rays of the sun, QuantumUV Urethane Varnish uses a unique Ultra Violet Package consisting of three layers of protection for superior weather resistance.


Here is how it works to protect the varnish film from the UV rays of the sun.


1. This package uses an Ultra Violet Absorber to reduce the UV rays of the sun much like a highly rated sunscreen. This UV absorber dissipates most of the damaging sun rays.


2. The second layer of protection comes from HALS Light Stabilizer. This second protection perimeter in the QuantumUV varnish film captures additional UV light not addressed by the first barrier, thereby reducing the UV rays even further.


3. The third critical component of the QuantumUV Ultra Violet Package is the addition of an antioxidant. This dissipates heat from the sun within the QuantumUV varnish, which prevents the heat from attacking the varnish film, causing it to deteriorate prematurely.


These three components of this unique QuantumUV Urethane Varnish Package work together to protect the film integrity as depicted above:

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