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Roadside Assistance
Leimaeole Side Tow

Roadside Assistance - If your trailer has issues, such as a flat tire, bearings or axle issues, structural frame issues, jack-knifing or tongue issues, we offer roadside assistance to repair your trailer on the spot, and/or tow your vessel.

Dockside Assistance - If you experience mechanical or structural issues while launching, we offer dockside assistance to troubleshoot your vessel's mechanical issues, or assess any structural damage possibly sustained during launching.

Ocean Assistance - If your vessel becomes distressed while out on the water, experiencing mechanical or structural issues, we will be more than happy to render aid by towing your vessel to a safe harbor. *Please note, if this is an imminent emergency, whether medical or S.O.S., please do not hesitate to call 911 or hail the Coast Guard, first...

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